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AV Cart Instructions=

Laptop Connectivity

Connect your laptop to the VGA cable placed on top of the cart. This cable also has an audio cable attached and this should be hooked up if audio is needed. Touch the Crestron panel to activate the system (it will be asleep). It will ask you what room you are in, push the appropriate button. This will take you to the control page. Select COMPUTER on the top of the page, this will automatically turn on the projector and lower the screen.

For connecting your laptop to the network/internet, use the Ethernet cable stored in the top drawer to connect your laptop to the cart’s Ethernet jack (next to the VGA connection).

To hide your laptop image while using the chalkboard/whiteboard, press the Mute found under the projector On and Off buttons. Your laptop will reappear by touching Mute a second time.

For Use with the VCR/DVD Player

To use the DVD/VCR combo player, simply select either the DVD or VHS on the Crestron menu and you will then have control of the source selected.

For Use with an Auxiliary Audio/Video Source

Locate the Auxiliary inputs just below the accessory drawer and connect your audio/video source. Select AUX from the Crestron Panel.

System Shutdown

Once your presentation is over, press EXIT on the lower right corner of the Crestron panel. This will turn the projector off and raise the screen.

Additional Info

If the projector fails to turn on during touch panel activation or if you are experiencing any other strange system behavior please EXIT the system and then boot back in. This will reset the system.