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AV Support and Loaner Requests

All AV loaner and support requests should be sent to

Providing AV Support for Events

  • Olin IT does not have a dedicated staff resource for AV support. IT will be hiring a number of students for the academic year that will be trained as AV specialists. Help Desk students will also be cross-trained to assist with support in this area.


  • This is not a staffed IT service. However, a dubbing station is set up in the Computer Lab and complete instructions are available on the station. Technical issues with the equipment should be reported to the help desk.

Film/Audio Editing

  • This is not a staffed IT service. On an availability and workload basis, AV student staff may be able to assist with these projects but availability is not guaranteed.

Classroom Maintenance

  • All classrooms will have had preventative maintenance performed prior to the start of the semester. Help Desk staff will be responsible for this on an on-going basis, managing the HB relationship and scheduling preventative maintenance. All services issues should be reported to

Classroom/Faculty Support

  • Documentation is available at each podium, which states step by step instructions. All of IT is cross trained to respond to questions about classrooms. Non-emergency issues should be sent to

VideoConferencing/Satellite Support

  • Due to the complexity of setup and required testing time these requests need to be received by IT at minimum, one week before the required event support. Longer notice is appreciated.

Loaned Equipment

  • The Help Desk is responsible for loaning equipment and for maintaining the completeness of inventory available for loan. Kits, which include all of the appropriate peripheral equipment, have been put together for equipment like mini-disc recorders, video recorders, digital cameras, and pictures taken of the kit, so that it can be verified by the loaner, if the kit is complete. Unless an item is specifically reserved over 48 hours in advance, equipment is available on a first come/first serve basis.