Installing Cadence Allegro SPB 15.2

  1. Click Start→Run… (Windows Key + R) and copy\paste the following in the Open box: \\stuapp\NETAPPS\Cadence\SPB152_wint.Base\CDROM1\Setup.exe
  2. Select I accept the terms of the license agreement and press Next
  3. Click Install Products
  4. Click OK. (This is not necessary)
  5. Enter 5280 for the port number and stuapp for the hostname.
  6. Enter your name and company if not already present and click Next.
  7. Click Yes to confirm your entry.
  8. Enter the following path for the controlfile.txt \\Stuapp\licenses\Cadence\ControlFiles\SPB_15.2\controlfile.txt9. Use the default install directory and click Next.
  9. At the Select Products screen, choose Next. These options are dictated by the control file specified earlier.
  10. Your working data directory for projects should be set as C:\SPB_Data12
  11. Choose Orcad Layout footprint viewer
  12. Press Next
  13. Click Next.
  14. Click Next
  15. Click Next and the installation will begin.
  16. Click Yes.
  17. Click Yes.
  18. Press OK to this message. The libraries are not necessary to the install.
  19. Click Finish and the installation is complete.