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List of Common Issues and Fixes

Network Connectivity

National Instruments (Labview) broke my Internet!

NI has their own article addressing this issue.

I can't get to network shares but I can get to the internet.

You are likely connected to the OLIN_GUEST wireless instead of an internal wireless network like OLIN_MH.

I just changed my password and now I can't get Online/my Email doesn't work/my laptop still uses my old password.

Wire your laptop into any Ethernet port (Computer Lab, Your Dorm or IT) and reboot the laptop. In addition, reenter your new password into any mobile device you have that talks to Olin Email or wifi.


Outlook constantly prompts for my password!

This typically occurs because Outlook 2010 requires you re-validate your email credentials because your network connection has changed. This can occur going from wired to wireless, sleep/hibernate to being On or switching between wifi networks. :!: Please note that Outlook automatically enters your username incorrectly as your email address. You will have to change the username field to (your Olin network credentials).