Core Elements/Pro 5.0

Formerly PTC Pro Engineer/Wildfire

  1. IE users may click on the following link to begin the installation process, for any browser you will need to copy & paste it into the Run box (Windows Key + R):
  2. Select Creo Elements/Pro & Creo Elements/Pro Mechanica
    • Keep defaults, Click Next
  3. Select your preference for English or Metric standard
    • Click Next
  4. Click Add
    • Select single license server (should be selected by default, if it is not, do so)
    • Enter STUAPP for Hostname
    • Enter 7788 for Port
    • Click OK
    • Click Next
  5. Accept defaults, click Next at the Windows shortcut preferences screen
    • Click Next
  6. Accept the defaults at the next screen, click Next
  7. Accept the defaults at the next screen, click Install to begin installation.
    • Installation will take a while – it’s over 2GB install
  8. Click Next once install is complete
  9. Click Exit followed by Yes to exit the installer.