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Dialing Instructions

  • Dial 9 for outside line
  • Long distance code required for calls outside the 781/617 area code

To dial long distance

  • Dial 9+1 for long distance + ten digit number including area code
  • Wait for solid tone and enter your long distance code

International Dialing

  • Dial 9 to get outside of Olin
  • Dial 011 - USA exit code
  • Dial the country code in question
  • Dial your given telephone number
  • At the tone, enter in your long distance code


Establish a 6 way internal/external conference call.

  • Lift receiver or use speaker phone button to access dial tone
  • Place first call
  • Press the conference key noted as conf on the bottom of phone display
    • This action will place first call on hold and give you dial tone to place next call
  • Place second call and when party answers, press conf again to join with first call
  • Repeat for each party

Conference Join

Join two calls when you are on a call and receive a second call

  • Place the first call on hold and answer second line
  • Press conf→press the line on hold→press con