DipTrace Installation/Upgrade

Due to the size of the installation, please do not attempt to install any network applications via a wireless or VPN network connection. Prior to installing any new version or upgrade, please ensure that you are connected to a live, wired, Ethernet jack on campus and that your wireless network interface is disabled.

Existing Installation

If you have an existing DipTrace installation, you must first uninstall it prior to installing the latest version. Follow these instructions to remove existing older versions:

  1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs
  2. Scroll down to DipTrace and Click Change/Remove
  3. Click Uninstall
  4. Once the older version has been removed, we recommend you restart your computer before installing the latest version

Installing DipTrace

  1. IE users may click on the following link to begin the installation process, for any browser you will need to copy & paste it into the Run box (Windows Key + R):
    32-bit: \\Fsvs01\applications\Public\netapps\DipTrace\\diptrace_en.exe
    64-bit: \\Fsvs01\applications\Public\netapps\DipTrace\\diptrace_en64.exe
  2. Click Yes on any UAC window that may appear
  3. Click Next in the Welcome window
  4. Accept the License Agreement and click Next
  5. Click Next to accept the default installation folder:
    • C:\Program Files\DipTrace or C:\Program Files (x86)\DipTrace
  6. Click Next in the Set Program Shortcuts window
  7. Click Next in the Confirm setup Settings window to begin installation
  8. Click Finish at the Setup Complete window, which will launch the application
  9. Selet Schematic Capture or PCB Layout
  10. Enter in registration information exactly as it appears in the registration file which may be accessed by the same method as the above installers: