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How to Fax Documents with Xerox Multifunction Printers

Printers with Faxing Enabled

- Load the original document face-up in the Document Feeder, or one at a time, face-down, on the Document Glass.

  1. Press the Services Home button on the Control Panel.
  2. Select the Fax button on the Touch Screen.
  3. To address the fax, select one or more of the following:
    1. Use the alphanumeric keypad to manually enter the fax number in the Enter Number and Press Add field, and then select Add.
    2. Use the keypad on the Touch Screen to enter a number and select Add. Add more numbers or select Close.
  4. To include a cover sheet:
    1. Select Cover Sheet, and then select On.
    2. Select the To field, enter the name of the recipient, and then select Save.
    3. Select the From field, enter the name of the sender, and then select Save.
    4. To add a comment, perform one of the following:
      • Select an existing comment, and then select Save.
      • Select a comment, select Edit, enter the text, and then select Save.
      • NOTE: To delete an existing comment, select the comment, and then select Clear twice to confirm the action.
  5. Adjust the fax scanning options, if necessary:
    1. Select 2-sided Scanning, and select one of the following:
      • 1-Sided
      • 2-Sided
      • 2-Sided, Rotate Side 2
    2. Select Original Type, and select one of the following:
      • Photo & Text
      • Photo
      • Text
    3. Select Resolution, and select one of the following:
      • Standard (200×100 dpi)
      • Fine (200 dpi)
      • Super Fine (600 dpi)
  6. If required, select more options.
  7. Press the Start button on the Control Panel. The printer will scan the pages and transmit the documents when all pages have been scanned.