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Hi Karen

Connecting via Direct Login and Confirming Profile:

  1. In the “Sign in to LinkedIn Learning” box, select the option under the “Sign In” button that says “Sign in with your organization account”. When prompted to enter your email address, enter your Olin credentials (UPN =
    • Click continue to be redirected to MS login page (…..)
    • Enter your UPN again and click “Next”
    • Enter your password and click “Sign In”
    • Choose whether to stay signed in or not – IT's recommendation is “No” :!:
  2. You will be redirected back to LinkedIn Learning where you are presented with the option to “Connect my LinkedIn account” or “Continue without LinkedIn”.
    • If you have an existing LinkedIn account and would like to connect it with your LinkedIn Learning account (recommended), choose that option and:
      • Enter the email address that is registered with your personal LinkedIn account
      • Enter your password
      • Click “Sign In”
      • At this point you should be logged into the LinkedIn Learning site, and linked to your LinkedIn profile
  3. When you are fully logged in, you will be directed to a page asking you to “Choose a category to explore”. Once chosen, and a weekly goal is set you should see “You’re all set” display on screen.

In LinkedIn Learning, you can browse different courses. To save a course, simply mouse over the course card and click the “Save” bookmark button. You can find your saved courses under the “Save” tab in the middle of the home page. Click into a course to begin a module. You can start with any lesson you’d like by navigating through the “Contents” tab. There is an “Exercise Files” tab that is useful if the course has worksheets or other resources.

:!: NOTE: If you are already signed in to your Outlook account, you will instead see “Your organization requires you to sign in with Single Sign-On”. Click that to proceed.

Connecting via Office Portal:

  1. Login using your Olin credentials (UPN)
  2. Click the LinkedIn Learning icon :!:
    • Along with the other O365 apps in your portal landing page, you should see an icon for LinkedIn Learning,
      • If not, select “All Apps”
      • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and it should display under “Your School”
  3. Enter your email address and password and click “Sign In”
    • At this point you should be logged into the LinkedIn Learning site, and linked to your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Click on “Me”, and select “Go To LinkedIn Profile” to confirm.
    • This should open a separate tab with your LinkedIn profile

:!: NOTE: You should now see a LinkedIn login screen. This is the login for your account and NOT the LinkedIn Learning account since you’ve already logged in to that, this is the next step, as above, to connect the two accounts.

Have fun learning!