Installation Instructions

  1. IE users may click to follow the link, for any other browser you will need copy & paste the link into a Run… dialog window or the Windows 7 Start Menu search box.
    1. If you receive a Security Warning window, click Run to allow the installer to continue.
  2. You will get a notification re: self-extraction & installation
    1. Click OK to continue
  3. Allow WinZip Self-Extractor to run, this may take a few moments before the installer loads
  4. At the Welcome screen, click Next
  5. At the Software License Agreement screen, click Yes to accept the License Agreement
  6. At the Information screen, click Next
  7. At the Choose Destination Location screen, click Next
  8. At the Setup Type screen, leave the selected installation at Typical and click Next
  9. At the Select Program Folder screen, click Next
    1. The installation will proceed from here
  10. Click Finish after the installation completes

NOTE: The Self-Extraction executable screen will stay active for a few moments after completing the installation as it is deleting temporary installation files.

Configure License Server

  1. Run the LS-DYNA Manager after installation completion
  2. Select the Env Variables menu
    1. Under this select Set LS-DYNA ENV. Variables
  3. Under the License Type diaglog box, select Network
  4. Under the Network License Manager box, enter:
  5. The remaining diaglog boxes can be left at “Default”

Additional LS-DYNA packages

Any additional LS-DYNA packages can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer


Due to the licensing restrictions placed on this software, it can only be accessed from Academic Center wireless while on campus.