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MATLAB installation, starting with version 2019a, has gone cloud based. This means to use the latest version requires a Mathworks account.

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Downloading MATLAB

  • To Begin with, Go to the MATLAB website and click on the profile icon in the top right corner.

  • Click on create account on the bottom and fill out the necessary information with your olin email
  • Complete the verification email and sign in to the site. Click on the Get MATLAB tab on the top right.
  • Scroll down and click on get the latest release (R2019b preferred). Click on download
  • Click on the OS option and the download will begin. Run it and login into your MathWorks account
  • Use a license (accessible through ethernet and Olin Network) and it’s usually preferred to install it in the above displayed location.
  • Leave the preset installations and add the Robotics Systems Toolbox. Confirm your install options.
  • Complete the rest of the installer and activate your MATLAB Installation.