Additional Microsoft Office 365 Online Applications

We have made a number of additional Office 365 applications available for use through the Office 365 portal ( In the spirit of experimentation, these applications are provided for your convenience with extremely limited support from Olin IT staff. We encourage you to explore these applications, use them if they are useful, and consult online documentation if you get stuck. Olin IT can only support these tools on a “best effort / if time available” basis.

  • To-Do: Manage, prioritize, and complete your to-do list.
  • Stream: Upload and share videos. (Like YouTube.)
  • Flow: Create workflows between apps, files, and data to automate tasks.
  • PowerApps: A suite of apps, connectors, and data tools for rapid application development.
  • Forms: Create and send surveys. (Like Google Forms. Less powerful than Qualtrics.)
  • Planner: Create a plan, build a team, assign tasks.
  • Sway: Create interactive reports and stories.
  • Skype for Business: Video-conferencing tool.

To access these new tools: Login to, and click Explore all your apps.

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