Printing to Olin Printers from a Personal Computer

  1. Open Start Menu โ†’ All Programs โ†’ Accessories โ†’ Run
  2. In the box that appears, enter \\
    • This connects your desktop to the print server. Click OK.
  3. A login screen will appear - enter in your Olin network credentials:
    • Username:\username
    • Password: and your network password.
      • Mark the checkbox for saving credentials, otherwise you will be unable to print after installing any printers
    • Click OK or press Enter
  4. A new Explorer window should open showing you all of the available network printers on campus
  5. One at a time, double-click on the printer(s) you would like to install.
    • A window should open up showing you installation progress for each printer as you do this.
    • Windows limits users from installing more than one printer at a time - every printer you wish to add will need to be done individually; they shouldn't take more than a few seconds a piece.
    1. Please Note: All printers on campus follow this established naming convention:

  6. You may be prompted to make each printer your default printer as you add them, select Yes or No as you desire