Olin Images Using Flickr

Olin College introduces Flickr as an image storage solution!

Before we begin…

We just want to remind everyone that the Olin College group is for members of the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering community and is governed by all appropriate rules, regulations and the Honor Code. Any questions should be directed to olinimages@olin.edu. Thank you.

What is Flickr?

Flickr is a Web application that provides photo management and sharing.

What can Flickr do?

Flickr’s range of features includes:

  • Photo comments
  • Privacy levels for photos
  • Ability to create sets to organize photos
  • Tagging

How is Olin using Flickr?

Flickr is being used as Olin’s image storage solution. On Flickr, Olin has created the Olin College group that members of the Olin Community can join.

How do I join Flickr?

Joining flicker is as easy as having a Yahoo! account. If you do not have one, visit http://www.flickr.com and click on the Sign Up link in the bottom left corner.

How do I join the Olin College group on Flickr?

Send a request to OlinImageAdmin@olin.edu and you’ll receive an invite with directions on how to proceed.

Using Flickr

The following section describes how to upload images, share them with the Olin College group, and perform other tasks of interest.

Uploading images

Pictures can be uploaded to Flickr in many ways. For most purposes, Flickr’s standard uploader is the best option.

  1. Go to your account
  2. Log in to Flickr and click the Home tab.
  3. Go to the uploader
  4. Click Upload Photos on the right side of the page.
  5. Select photos to upload
  6. Flickr allows you to upload six photos at a time.
    • Repeat the process to upload more than six.
  7. For each photo you wish to upload, click Browse next to an empty file field and select the appropriate file on your hard drive.
    • You can make photo selection easier by right-clicking in the file browser and selecting View→Thumbnails.
    • You can specify tags for images, which Flickr uses to make it easier to find photos. Tags need only be separated by spaces.
      • For instance, tagging a photo with Olin College campus trees sunset will accurately describe a photo taken of our campus (Note: Multiple word tags must be enclosed in quotation marks).
      • This is a good place to specific tags that will apply to all of the images you are posting. It should also be noted that youcan add and edit tags for individual photos at any time after the upload process has been completed.
    • You also have the ability to specify the availability of the images you upload. Will they be Private or Public? Private images can only be viewed by Family or Friends.
      • The Olin College group is a Friend, so if you intend to post images to the group, you should specify either Public or Private for Friends. Unless you want your photos to be visible to the world, you should make them Private and visible to Friends. You can change the visibility of photos at any time after they’re uploaded.

Upload and review

  • Click Upload to post the photos.
    • Flickr will indicate that it is uploading and resizing images.
    • When it is done, it will direct you to a page where you can edit some properties of the new images.
  • For each image, you can edit the title, description, and individual tags.
    • Try to choose a title other than the image’s filename (DSC1125 is hardly descriptive).
    • The description should probably reference the subject of the image as well as any events associated with it.

Finish the process

When you’re done here, click Save. Your photos will be available on Flickr. They, however, won’t be in the Olin College group photo pool.

Adding images to the Olin College group photo pool

Adding photos from your collection to the Olin College group photo pool will allow you to share your photos with members of the group.

This allows other members in the group to view, comment, and tag your photos. There are two easy ways you can share a photo:

The first way is described in an excerpt from the Flickr FAQ:

  • Easy! If you're a member of the group, add your photo to the group pool. (If not, join the group, because only group members can contribute to the group pool. [This is done by e-mailing a request to OlinImageAdmin@olin.edu)
  • The easiest way to add a photo to a group is to go to the photo's page and click the Send to Group button between the photo title and the photo. Then choose the group you want to send it to, and you're done!
  • Only you and the group administrators can remove a photo from a group pool.
  • NOTE: If you share a photo that you marked as private with a group you are a member of, it's as if other group members have full access to that photo. They can add comments, notes, and tags. The photo isn't displayed for people who aren't members of the group.

The second way is to use the Organizr..

  • To access the Flickr Organizr, click on Organize tab.
  • You will then arrive at the Organizr window.
  • Click on the Groups tab.
  • You will see an icon for the Olin College group, beneath it is a list of photos (which can be sorted accordingly).
  • To post a photo to the Olin College group, click on the photo to select it, then drag it to the Olin College group icon.

Flickr Features

Flickr comes with several fun features that you can use with your photos. We’ll discuss two great features here: photo organization and geotagging. If you’re interested in learning more about Flickr’s features, check out: http://www.flickr.com/help

Photo Organization

You can organize your photos using sets. Sets are easy to create, to begin organizing your photos:

  • Click on the Organize tab.
  • Click on the Create New Set button.
  • Name your set
  • Click and drag photos from the bottom of the page into the set.

You can delete sets without worry. Deleting a set will not delete the photos inside of it. It will simply disassociate the photos from the set.


Geotagging is a feature that allows you to pin the location of a photo on a map of the world. Placing a photo on a map is easy:

  • Click on the Organizr tab
  • Click on Map
  • Find a location using the map’s search box.
  • Once your location appears, drag a photo to the location and it will be geotagged and placed on the map.

By double-clicking on the photo, you can adjust the title, tags, permissions and other data as well.


Please send all feedback to OlinImages@olin.edu.