Olin College IP Telephone Directory lookup

  1. Press the Directory button (image of an open book) on the lower row of your telephone.
  2. The Corporate Directory option will be highlighted by default
  3. Press the Select button
  4. You will be prompted to enter a last name. Letters are entered via the numeric keypad. Begin typing a person’s last name by pressing the number corresponding to the letter. Press a number repeatedly to cycle through the available letters and number. Ex; to enter a B, press the number 2, two times. To correct a lookup, you can use the clear button to begin again, or the delete button to back space over letters.
  5. When you’ve entered enough characters to narrow your search (we recommend at least three) press the button corresponding to Search. The search feature will display a list of results which you can now browse through.
  6. You can utilize the up and down arrows to scroll through the list of users to highlight the individual you wish to call. You may also use the right arrow to view the extension of the individual highlighted.
  7. Once highlighted, you may call the person by pressing the button corresponding to Dial on the display.

Note: Once in the directory lookup, you may exit by simply pressing the directory key again.