Large Format Printing

HP Design Jet Z9

The HP Design Jet Z9 printer, located in the Library room L37, is capable of producing high-resolution prints up to 42“ wide, and of limitless length. Currently there is basic HP matte poster paper (42” wide) in L37. The following printing instructions were created using Adobe; the process is very similar with other applications, you may need to refer to documentation of the application to find out how to size your document appropriately.

Prepare the Document

It is recommended that you print from a PDF. In Acrobat select Print, then Page Setup at the bottom of the Print window. From Page Setup you'll want to select one of the following paper sizes:

  1. ARCH A - 9 x 12 inches (228.6 x 304.8 millimeters)
  2. ARCH B - 12 x 18 inches (304.8 x 457.2 millimeters)
  3. ARCH C - 18 x 24 inches (457.2 x 609.6 millimeters)
  4. ARCH D - 24 x 36 inches (609.6 x 914.4 millimeters)
  5. ARCH E - 36 x 48 inches (914.4 x 1219.2 millimeters)

From Acrobat these are the only sizes available, if you have Photoshop on your system you can find tune the size further via adjusting the size of the actual document/picture. Next select Source and Roll 1 or 2, Roll 1 is the up to 42 inch paper, Roll 2 is the up to 22“ paper, this way you can save on paper waste. Keep in mind that in your final image, only one dimension can be larger than 42”. Although the printer works on a 44“ roll, it cannot print edge-to-edge. It’s best to leave at least 1” margins between the size you tell Adobe to scale the image to, and the size of the paper you tell the printer you want. To print at the largest possible size, enlarge the document so that the smaller of your two dimensions is exactly 42“.

Set Up Printer

If you haven’t already added the printer to your computer, do so. Click Start→Run(Windows Key + R), and enter the following: \\printvs02\MHL37Z9 Hit enter and click Yes when it asks if you’d like to install the printer. You only need to do this once.