Opening Exchange 2013 Public Calendars

The following set of instructions demonstrate how to view Public Calendars in your Calendar view in Outlook Web Application (OWA) & Outlook desktop application; as well as add them as favorites to your Calendar view in each.

For the Outlook Desktop application

  1. Open the Folder List view in Outlook
    1. This is accessible from the bottom left corner of Outlook along with the Mail, Calendar, People & Task views. You may need to click and expansion arrow or “…” to make all of the fields visible
    2. You can also access this view directly by pressing Ctrl+6 while in Outlook.
  2. In the left hand window, you will see your mailbox folder structure. If necessary, scroll all the way to the bottom of the window on the left with this folder heirarchy until you see “Public Folders - <your email address>”
  3. Underneath this you should see subfolders “All Public Folders” and “Favorites” - the latter of which may contain no subfolders. Expand “All Public Folders” by clicking on the arrow on the left.
  4. Underneath this there is a “Calendars” subfolder which can again be expanded
  5. Any calendar which you have permission to access can be viewed after selecting.
  6. From here you can individually right click on each Calendar you have permissions to and Select “Add to Favorites…” which will populate the “Favorites” subfolder below.
  7. From here, you can go to your Calendar view in Outlook and these favorited public folders will be viewable under the “Other” or “Other Calendars” heading

In Outlook Web Application (OWA)

  1. You will first need to complete the process above and add them to your favorites in Outlook
  2. Right click on the Favorites group in the top left corner of the Mail Navigation
  3. Select add public folder
  4. From here you can re-select the calendar you would like to show up in your OWA Calendar view.
    1. Click add