Using Remote Desktop with VPN client

Before you use remote desktop at home, you need to find out the computer name of your work computer. You can do this by choosing:

Start button→ right click on the “computer link” that displays on the right side of list. Go to properties and about ¾ of way down the page you will see your computer name: We use the serial number of your computer so it probably looks something like “”

Now install the Junos VPN client on your home computer:

Just follow the link in the wiki article to install from off campus[]=jvpn

Once you establish your VPN connection on your home computer, you then use Windows remote desktop to connect to your computer at work. Be sure the Junos VPN client is connected prior to moving to next step.

Once the JVPN client is installed and connected on your home computer, go to the start button on your home computer and choose ”remote desktop connection” from the list. If you don’t see that on your home computer, just use the search field from the start button and search on remote desktop. Enter your work computer name including the and connect. You should get your work screen to log onto.

Remember: Your work computer needs to be left on and you first need to establish a VPN Connection

Here is a video from MS: —Olin users have the correct permissions and the VPN client gives you the access to the Olin network.