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Resetting “Autodial” label on i2004 IP phones

When an autodial number is removed/cleared from an i2004 IP telephone, the key label does not return to displaying “Autodial” indicating the feature set for that key. To reset the label on the key to “Autodial”, use the following procedure

  1. Press the “Globe” function key on the bottom row of feature keys
  2. Highlight (using arrow keys if necessary) the “Telephone Options” feature from the menu
  3. Press Select
  4. Scroll up to “Change FeatureKey Label” option using arrow keys
  5. Press Select
  6. Highlight (using arrow keys if necessary) “Change FeatureKey label”
  7. Press Select
  8. At the Select a feature key prompt, press the Autodial key you wish to reset
  9. At the Edit feature key label prompt
    1. Press the Clear button
    2. Using the key pad as you would to lookup a user in the directory, enter the word “Autodial”
    3. Press Select
    4. The autodial feature key should now display “Autodial”
  10. Press Cancel three times to exit the menu