Update SolidWorks License Server

As of 8/21/2013 the SolidWorks License server has moved. You will need to update your client license manager to point to the new server via one of the following methods:

Registry Patch

You may run the following registry patch to have the license server updated automatically for you: \\fsvs01\Applications\Public\netapps\SolidWorks\solidworksLM.reg

Please note that if you are off campus you will first need to connect to Olin via VPN in order to run this registry patch

Upgrade to the latest version of SolidWorks

Installation instructions may be found on the main installation article for SolidWorks


You may also change the server manually

  1. Click on Start button
  2. Select All Programs
  3. Browse to your existing SolidWorks folder
  4. Open the SolidWorks Tools folder
  5. Open the SolidNetWork License Manager
  6. Go to the Server List tab
  7. Click Add…
    1. Enter in: 25734@NETAPP01.OLIN.EDU
    2. Click OK
    3. Click Yes/OK on any prompts you may recieve as you want to add this server
  8. Select the line that has “25734@STUAPP”
    1. Click Remove…
    2. Click Yes on the following prompt