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Troubleshooting Nortel/Avaya VPN Connection Problems

There are many types of Internet Service Providers (ISP) and routers available, and it is difficult to know the exact details on how they work in random combinations.

  • Some ISP's have certain guidelines to physically connect to their network (registered MAC addresses, software authentication clients…etc), or simply do not allow VPN traffic/connections to be made over their network.
  • Some routers, as a safety measure, have IPSec transfers (the protocol used by our Nortel VPN client/servers) disallowed by default, and may need to be modified accordingly or they have released an updated firmware revision to enable such features. You may need to contact your ISP provider to troubleshoot some issues as this information helps us to troubleshoot your problem and provide the best possible solution.

Getting Started

  • Open a command prompt to clear cached Olin network information from your computer.
    • Go to:
  • START→Run (OR:Windows Key + R)→CMD (command prompt)enter ipconfig /flushdns
  • Open a command prompt and see if you can communicate with the Olin VPN server…
    • Go to:
  • START→Run (OR:Windows Key + R)→CMD (command prompt)enter ping 200 * This is what a successful ping attempt to the Olin VPN server will look like. - If the ping attempt did not go through correctly and you use a router, please retry without the router installed in the network. - If you are still unsuccessful, please send an email to the Help Desk with the following information - Are you using the correct VPN login and password? * The VPN software does require a username and password. * This is not your network username and password. * You can send a request to to create a VPN account or to reset your password - Who is your ISP? - Is your ISP dial-up, cable modem, or DSL? - Router Information - Does your ISP allow IPSec VPN traffic on their network? (Y/N) * (If unknown, please contact your ISP) - What type of router (if used) are you using? (Brand and Model Number) - Does your router have the latest available firmware revision installed? - Have you tried connecting with the router removed from your network? (PC directly to the Cable/DSL Modem, this is a very important detail) - Is your router configured to allow IPSec transfer traffic? - Please send the results of the following commands entered into a command prompt:(Instructions for opening a command prompt are posted above - ipconfig /all - ping - tracert - tracert''