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Visual Nastran 4D 2004SP2 Installation

  1. Uninstall your old installation of Visual Nastran via Add/Remove Prgrams
  2. Go to START→Run…(Windows Key + R) and copy/paste the following in the box and then click OK. \\stuapp\NETAPPS\Visual Nastran 4D\2004SP2\MSC.visualNastranDesktop\setup.exe - Click Next - Click Yes to accept the license agreement - Choose VisualNastran4D - Click Next - Check the boxes for Matlab and Solidworks integration modules. * NOTE: You need to have Matlab and Solidworks installed to add these modules or you will see an error, but you will still be able to install Visual Nastran without them. - Click Next - Click Next - Click Finish - Now that you have finished the install, start the program. Choose the FLEXlm Licensing option and enter stuapp as the host and 1700 as the port number. - Click OK - You now have a fully licensed install