Split Tunnel vs. Full Tunnel VPN Connections

When you connect to Olin's VPN service, you will be offered two “tunnel” options for your VPN connection:

Split Tunnel: This configuration only transmits data destined for Olin systems, services and/or networks through the VPN tunnel to Olin. All other data will be transmitted directly through your local network and Internet connection to its destination. This allows you to access and use any devices connected to your home network such as printers, other computers, etc.

Full tunnel: This configuration transmits all data to/from your computer through Olin's network via the VPN tunnel. Important note: Full Tunnel prevents you from accessing network resources on your local/home network such as printers or other computers.

We recommend using Split Tunnel when you are connecting from home and Full Tunnel when connecting from other locations, such as hotels, coffee shops, or other open wireless networks.