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Using VPN to connect to the Olin network

What is VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to create a secure connection to the Olin network from off‐campus using your existing internet connection.

Why would I use VPN?

You would use VPN if you have files or documents on the network servers that you want to access while you are off‐campus. VPN is also ideal if you want to use licensed student software applications such as Solidworks, Matlab or Cadence while away from campus. You can also use Remote Desktop to access your on‐campus desktop while using VPN. Please note that internet speed will be slowed down due to resource limitations of the VPN gateway.

What do I need to do to get a VPN account/start using VPN?

VPN software is installed on all Olin laptops. This software can be found on your Olin computer by going to START button on lower left of computer and entering Pulse in the search box. Once the login screen appears, use your network credentials to login.

If you would like to install it on a personal system, please follow the instructions detailed here: Juniper VPN Installation and Configuration

I have files on the network and my VPN client is connected. How do I get to them?

If you are using an Olin laptop, the best practice is to create shortcuts to your needed network locations while you are on campus.   If there is a location on the network that you would like access to remotely, right‐click the folder and choose create desktop.  You will receive a message that it will be created on the desktop.   These shortcuts will always open whenyou are connected to the Olin network both on‐campus and when using VPN off‐campus.

You can also access the servers directly by going to START→Run (also accessible via Windows Key + R) → and entering the name of the server you want to access preceded by ‘\\’ (ex. \\fsvs01 \\netapp01 …etc)

How do I change my password for VPN?

Your VPN password is the same password as your network account at Olin. Please refer to our Password Change Guide

Is there anything else I should know about VPN?

Logging into VPN creates a secure connection to the Olin network. For the new Juniper VPN service Olin has implemented what is known as “split-tunneling” This allows you to reach Olin resources while still able to use your own ISP connection for services like Netflix, Hulu and other bandwidth intensive application that are not on Olin's network.

For the Nortel VPN all of your internet traffic will be routed through Olin for as long as you have VPN connected. Web browsing, streaming audio or video, etc will all be affected. The internet traffic is no longer going from your ISP directly to your computer. It is now going from the Internet to Olin and then from Olin to your computer. Please be aware that this connnection is a shared resource that all remote users utilize, and large data transfers such as Netflix, Hulu and Peer2Peer traffic will affect all remote users' experience.