Windows 8 at Olin

Olin IT does not yet support the Windows 8 Operating System.


When deploying a new Operating System, a variety of factors need to be taken into account. Is deploying the new version of the OS valuable to the community as a whole? What is the learning curve for the changes and additional or removed features? In addition, extensive testing must be done on a large number of software packages that are used across campus by students, faculty and staff. Olin IT has a responsibility to ensure full compatibility with a new Operating System prior to deployment with all software used by the college that is critical to student learning, faculty instruction and staff operation.

If you have wiped your system of the Olin IT Windows 7 image and the associated software, we can assist in installing MS Office and the Adobe Creative Suite but other software can be installed without IT Assistance. If you are having difficulties with your system related to the new Operating System you will have to employ the use of mailing lists or other online resources to solve your issue. Olin IT is; however, committed to ensuring that, regardless of device, students, faculty, and staff can connect to Olin services. With that in mind we have collected some some tips for you should you decide to upgrade your system to Windows 8.

Quick Tips for Windows 8 at Olin

How Do I connect to Wifi on Windows 8?

  • If you did a clean installation of Windows 8 and are not on the domain, Follow off domain instructions: (Note: this is unsupported currently)

I no longer have Office or the Adobe Creative Suite
Please stop by the Olin IT Helpdesk so we can assist in the installation.

I no longer have Engineering software (Solidworks/Matlab/etc)
Please refer to the documentation on the wiki for the individual pieces of software.

How to delete your Windows.old folder to reclaim space.
Some users have found success using one of these solutions. IT has not yet tested or confirmed these solutions.