Wireless Networking at Olin College

The following wireless networks are available on campus:

  • OLIN: Secure, authenticated wireless access to Olin online resources. (See below for configuration details.)
  • OLIN-VISITOR: Internet access for visitors to the Olin campus. Users will be prompted for a simple visitor registration. Connection bandwidth may be limited.
  • OLIN-DEVICES: For use by Olin affiliates for devices that only work with a pre-shared network key. The password is changed annually in August. The current password is available on the my.olin.edu portal (login required) under Our Community / Information Technology. Connection bandwidth may be limited, and access to on-campus resources may require VPN.
  • OLIN-ROBOTICS: For use by the Olin Robotics Lab. Please contact a faculty member in the Robotics Lab for more information.

Configuring the OLIN Wireless Network

The OLIN wireless network is a secure wireless network using 802.1x authentication.