I previously used Zoom with an @olin.edu login

Starting in January 2020, you will be required to use your Olin UPN (username@olin.edu) and Olin password and login through the Olin Zoom login page: https://olin.zoom.us/

Please see below for details about how your login process will change, depending on how you previously or currently login to Zoom. If you wish to keep this consumer Zoom account separate from the Olin Zoom environment, you will need to change the email address associated with your account before January 2020.

I used first.last@olin.edu

Your first.last@olin.edu email address login will only work through the “consumer” Zoom login at http://zoom.us/. This login will not work with the Olin Zoom environment. This login will stop working in January 2020.

I used my UPN (username@olin.edu)

Once you use your UPN (username@olin.edu) to login to the Olin Zoom environment (https://olin.zoom.us/), until January 2020, you will be able to use your existing separate Zoom password on the consumer Zoom login (http://zoom.us/) or your Olin UPN login for the Olin Zoom environment (https://olin.zoom.us/). Starting in January 2020, you must use the Olin Zoom login area.

I used an Olin email alias or distribution list

If you used an Olin email alias (such as collaboratory@olin.edu) that does not have an Olin password attached, this will continue to work on the consumer Zoom login (http://zoom.us/) until January 2020. Starting in January 2020, this will stop working, and you must use an individual Olin account to login.