Norden Auditorium Audio/Video Lectern Instructions

Powering Up

  • Touch the Crestron panel screen to activate the system (as it may be asleep).
    • This will take you to the control page.
  • Selecting an input source from the top of the page, such as Computer, will automatically turn on the projector

Using the Built-In Lectern Computer

  • Now, touch the Lectern Computer icon.
    • This will automatically turn on the projector and display an image of your laptop screen in the touch panel preview window.
    • Press the preview window to enlarge the laptop screen image on the touch screen.
  • Sign onto the computer by using your own username and password (for Milkyway network access) or by typing 99QRR52\podium (username) and OlinPwd15 (password) for local access to the computer.

Enabling Presenter View

Presenters who have integrated notes in PowerPoint (or similar) presentations may want to use PowerPoint's Presenter View feature to display their notes on the Confidence Monitor (hidden from audience viewing) for reference during their presentation.

Presenter view may be enabled following instructions on this page.

Using a Laptop on the Lectern

  • Connect your laptop to the VGA cable or the HDMI cable connected to the left side of the lectern.
    • If using VGA, connect the 1/8“ plug (attached to the VGA cable) to the headphone output on your laptop.
  • Press the Computer Sources button on the top section of the touch screen.
  • Press the Laptop button.
    • This will automatically turn on the projector and display an image of your laptop screen in the touch panel preview window.
    • Press the preview window to enlarge the laptop screen image on the touch screen.
  • Now press the Screen Down button on the touch panel to lower the projection screen.
  • If you do not see a preview of your laptop screen on the touch panel, press Windows Key + P to bring up the Windows display option dialogue box. Select Duplicate or Extend.

Playing DVDs

  • You can play DVDs and CDs through the lectern computer.
  • The DVD slot is located in the cabinet below the lectern on the left side
  • Select lectern computer to play the DVD/CD
  • Please note that the lectern computer is not controlled by the touch screen. It is controlled by the mouse and keyboard that are located in a pull out drawer under the lectern.

Microphone usage

The lectern microphone can be turned on by pressing the small gray button on the base of the microphone. A green light should light up to indicate that the microphone is on. Use the Speech Volume Up Down and Mute buttons on the left side of the touch panel to adjust the microphone volume or to mute the microphone.

  • Wireless Handheld Mic: They are located in the lectern cabinet. The unit turns with the switch on the side of the microphone. The signal should then be live.
  • Wireless Lavalier: Attach the microphone to the person speaking in a way that clothing will not rustle too much. Turn the transmitter on. The mic should now be live. Use the Mute On/Off switch for temporarily turning mic off.

The wireless microphones are running on predetermined frequency bands. Do not change these settings.

Audio Level Adjustments

The Speech Volume controls on the left hand side will only control the volume of any Norden Auditorium microphones, both wired and wireless. The Program Volume controls on the right hand side will control the input levels of your selected input source, eg. Lectern Computer, Laptop Computer, etc.

Lighting Adjustments

There are five lighting adjustment buttons located on the bottom of the Crestron panel

  • All On = very bright
  • High = normal class lighting, for discussions, lectures, etc.
  • Medium = Dim auditorium lighting with spotlight on lectern
  • Video = Entire auditorium dim for superior projector brightness
  • All Off = All lights off except for safety lights along walls

Additional Info

:!: System Shutdown Procedure

  • Once your presentation is over, press the Raise Screen button
  • Press Exit on the lower right corner of the Crestron panel. This will shut off the projector and shut down the system.

:!: Temporarily hiding the projected display

  • Please use the mute button (located under the projector on and off buttons) to temporarily mute the displayed image during a presentation. Although no image is will be displayed, the projector bulb is still running.


  • The projector bulb is still running when you mute the projector. Please remember to fully turn off the projector by pressing the Exit button before you leave.

Please note that the projector has to cool down as a part of the shut-down process, which may take over 5 minutes.