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Jenzabar CX

Log In

  1. Click on the Cars QuickMate icon on desktop
  2. Click on the SSH Secure Shell Client icon on desktop
  3. Choose QuickConnect
  4. Enter the following information with your correct username, choose connect and enter your password:
    • Host Name:
    • Port Number: 22
    • Authentication Method: Profile Settings
  5. Choose OK at the enter your authentication response prompt
  6. Now choose option 1 to connect to the production database

Setting Up Profile

  1. Log onto Jenzabar CX with your username and password using the quick connect option
  2. Choose Profiles from the menu tool bar
  3. Select Add Profile
    • This will bring up a box asking you to name your profile.
  4. Enter CX01 to reflect your access to the CX system. This will save your log on information.
  • The next time you log on to Jenzabar, instead of choosing Quick Connect, choose the Profile button and select your profile name. The system will now prompt you for only your password to get connected.

Password Change

  1. Log onto Jenzabar and choose Utility Menu from the first screen.
  2. At the next screen choose Login
  3. At the next screen choose Change Password
  4. At the next screen choose from the top left of screen
    • You will now have a screen that populates your username and asks for you old password.
  5. Type your old password and hit Enter
    • You will not see the information on the screen as you type your old and new passwords.
  6. Type new password and hit Enter
  7. Type new password again and hit Enter
    • Password requirement: at least 6 characters and must contain at least two letters and at least one number or special character
  8. You will receive the message passwd successfully changed

Changing the Look of Your Screen

To change fonts and other settings in your Jenzabar application:

  1. Click on the small computer next to the Cars Menu at the top left of your screen.
  2. Move your mouse down to settings to open up the list of options
  • Fonts will adjust the size of the characters on your screen
  • Color gives you the option of customizing the color of your background as will as the characters.
  • For Jenzabar printing options, please see this page