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Dell Laptop Warranty

Every student, faculty and staff Dell laptop is purchased with a 4 Year Complete Care Warranty with Accidental Damage protection. To clarify, this means that every component of the laptop is covered for all 4 years with the exception of the battery. The battery warranty only lasts 1 year. As long as the IT Helpdesk can send back the broken component to Dell we can replace anything on the laptop for no charge.

:!: As added emphasis, there is a rumor that only 50% of the laptop needs to recovered in order to receive replacement parts. This is not the case. For every part that gets sent to the Helpdesk from Dell, we need to be able to send the broken part back.

Parts are typically received within 24-48 hours of ordering. Depending on current workload and complexity of the repair, full turnaround time may vary.

If you are not near Olin's campus and have a hardware problem, please refer to the Dell Offsite Repair article.