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SolidWorks 2021 Installation

Due to the size of the installation, please DO NOT attempt to install this application via a wireless or VPN network connection. Prior to installing any new version or upgrade, please ensure that you are connected to a live, wired, Ethernet jack on campus and that your wireless network interface is disabled.

Pre-Installation instructions

This installation process will install the entire 2021 SolidWorks suite, including all other applications such as eDrawings, DWGeditor, SolidWorks Explorer, SolidWorks Installation manager, and all COSMOS applications. In order to use these latest application versions, you must perform the following tasks:

  1. Backup any existing Solidworks files you wish to keep or have available after the upgrade. (parts, assemblies, drawings, document templates, sheet formats, library features and form tools).

Remove previous version

Uninstall all previous versions of Solidworks and Solidworks related applications:

  • If you are uninstalling Solidworks 2019, launch the 2019 installation manager found here on the network:


  • If you are uninstalling a different version of Solidworks, access Window's Apps & Features removal service and select Solidworksto start the uninstall process.
  • * The first checkbox for Program Files and Folder should be checked off for you
  • Click to mark checkboxes for both Registry Entries as well as Data Files and Folders (These checkboxes may be located under Advanced Options)
  • Click the “Uninstall SOLIDWORKS products now” button
    • The white window that is currently open should close and the installation manager will appear momentarily
  • Following removal, please reboot your computer before proceeding with installation of the latest version

Installing SolidWorks 2021

  • Note: this installer will determine if you run a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system and install the appropriate edition for you.

On-Domain systems

Cross-Registered & Off-Domain systems

  • Simultaneously press the Windows key & R on your keyboard
  • Copy and paste the following link into the Run command dialog box:


  • You will be prompted for credentials to connect to at this point. Please use your Olin network credentials:
    • Username:\<your Olin domain username>
    • Password: <your Olin domain password>
      • NOTE: You MUST specifiy\ preceding your username

Once the installer loads:

  1. The Solidworks Master Setup window should open.
  2. Click the Install Solidworks button. This will install the entire suite of applications.
  3. Please note that this is a silent installation and will proceed without giving the user any options.
    • :!: If your system is low on disk space, the installation may quit unexpectedly without giving an error code.
  4. Once all applications have been installed you’ll see a window indicating that the SolidWorks installation is complete. Uncheck the Run SolidWorks now box and Click Done
  5. If prompted, reboot your computer

SolidWorks PDM

Solidworks PDM instructions can be found here.

License Borrowing & Returning

SolidWorks licenses can be borrowed for use without internet or VPN connectivity using the SolidNetWork License Manager. Additional details can be found as documented by SolidWorks: