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Final Projects

8-Bit Minecraft CPU by Sidd Singal, Subhash Gubba, Maddy Fort, Harshvardhan Bhatia, Deniz Celik

FPGA Piano/LFSR with Sine Wave Generator by Casey Alvarado, Cynthia Chen, Mika Ichiki-Welches, Nitya Dhanushkodi, Zoher Ghadyali

FPGA Piano by Deborah Hellen, Ben Kahle, Erika Weiler

FPGA Implementations of Initial-Value Problem Solving Methods by Nick Eyre

Vacuum Tube SR Latch by Forrest Bourke & Ruby Spring

FPGA Guitar PedalBoard by Amanda Lee, Rachel Mathew

Mathematics ASM by Cyprien Guillemot, Bonjun Gu, Pil Hun Choi

Large Integer Exponentiation by Kyle Mayer

FPGA Guitar by Sawyer Vaughan, James Jang, Filippos Lymperopoulos

Labview Visualizations by Emily Guthrie and Ankeet Mutha

FPGA Piano + Drums by Jacob Kingery and Ryan Louie

LCD driver on an FPGA by Dimitar Dimitrov and Steph Northway

Think CompArch by Samantha Kumarasena, Anne Wilkinson, and Tenzin Choetso

Floating Point Unit by Pratool Gadtaula & Kyle Flores

ARM Assembly Adventures by Dennis Chen and Michael Bocamazo

VGA on FPGA by Chris Wallace and Radmer van der Heyde

The Game! by Sophie Li, Lindsey Vanderlyn and Raagini Rameshwar

FPGA MIDI Synth by Tom Chen and Jaehee Park

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